Ownership at Hope Barton Barns

Can you imagine owning your very own Devon bolthole, where you have use of facilities such as an indoor pool, kids play areas, bar and gym, but without the hassle of all the maintenance and the gardening as we take care of it all!


This dream may be easier that you think with our fractional ownership. Each cottage is divided into 10 fractions. Each fraction consists of 5 weeks per year which can vary from year to year across high, mid and low season.  As an owner you can use all/none of your chosen 5 weeks and you can chose to let friends/family use the weeks or alternatively rent them out and let us look after the booking for you. 


Prices start from £10,000 per fraction with a 999 year lease.


All property sale prices are determined by negotiation between cottage owner and potential purchaser. There are sometimes properties available below these prices when exceptional circumstances require a quick sale.


Take a look here to see our Properties for sale >  

Contact Lucy at lucysearle@hopebarton.co.uk or 01548 561 393 for more information.


How will they be sold?

On a fractional ownership basis.


Fractional ownership is not to be confused with timeshare. It offers much of the freedom and usage benefits offered in timeshare.  If the property appreciates in value, the value of the fraction is also increased and in turn owners can then sell whenever they deem necessary.


In Hope Barton’s case each cottage is being sold in fractions of 5 weeks per year which change year on year. As an owner of a share in a cottage you automatically become a shareholder in “Hope Barton Owners Association Ltd” which is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the site.


Leases will be 999 years and can be freely bought & sold.


Is there a service charge?

Yes. This is based on the cost of maintaining the facilities and providing future expenditure minus the income generated from rentals and resales. Each service charge varies depending on the size of the cottage.


How do I choose my weeks?

The time allocation system we have, ensures that all owners have a fair turn in choosing their weeks. Our system of rotating priorities each year guarantees complete fairness to each owner by enabling them to plan and vary their chosen weeks from year to year.


The allocation is therefore 2 weeks in High Season, 1 in Mid Season and the other 2 in the Low Season.


What if I cannot use my weeks?

You have the following choices:

1              Rent it out and we take care of the booking.

2              Let friends or family use it.

3              Exchange it with 7Across or RCI.

4              Exchange your week with other Owners on site through Cottage Co-ordinator groups

5              Leave it empty.


What properties are available?


Take a look here to see our Properties for sale >  

Contact Lucy at lucysearle@hopebarton.co.uk or 01548 561 393 for more information.


At the moment “7Across” are giving Hope Barton owners FREE gold membership (usually £59 per year) and do not charge a joining fee.

For further details please go to https://www.7acrosseu.com